A Few words about us

The National Association for the Blind

National Association for the Blind, India was established in 1952 and it is the biggest NGO in India. The main objective of this Association is to cater to the needs of the Blind.
National Association for the Blind, India has State Branches and District Branches in every state.

Goa State Branch

Goa State Branch of the National Association for the Blind, was established on 10th February 1983. At present NAB Goa, caters to about 2000 visually impaired persons. We also conduct several awareness programmes in order to spread awareness about the visually impaired.

Our Branch conducts the following activities:
Education (Integrated Education Programme), Vocational Training, Multiple disabilities, Sports, Theatre, Employment, Computer Training, Extra curricular Activities, Picnics and celebrations DOWNLOAD OUR BOOK

(Integrated Education Programme)

It facilitates children to attend classes in regular schools & colleges. These students are coached by special teachers, who help them with Braille lessons, tactile maps, and diagrams. Low vision students are provided with enlarged prints & magnifying glasses. We follow the integrated pattern of Education(normal schools and study with sighted children) which is followed elsewhere in India and most parts of the world. The purpose behind this system is that the student attends classes in the normal school. This situation enables them to be part of the student society and also helps the normal students to understand the disability of Visually Impaired persons. Thus the blind feels that he/she is part of the society and does not feel segregated from the sighted world. We also provide free boarding facilities to the students.

Vocational Training: We conduct camps for the Adult Blind and train them in different trades like chair caning, candle making, chalk making, paper bags, decorative items, etc. We also make arrangements to send the Visually Impaired persons for professional training like Telephone Operating, Stenography, Physiotherapy, Farming and full fledged computer training.

Music: We have a tutor to coach these children in playing different instruments – tabla, harmonium and keyboards.
Sports: Our students have participated in cricket, chess and athletics, one of whom is a gold medallist at the National Abilympics for waste reuse and a bronze medallist International Abilympics.
Yoga & Judo: The students are trained by professionals.
Theatre: A group of visually impaired students are trained in theatre activity.
Extra Curricular Activities: Our visually impaired children participate in various competitions such as dance, fancy dress, quiz, debate, singing etc.


Computer Training: We impart computer training on special software (Screen Reader) called ‘JAWS”. This software is helpful to the visually impaired for operating computers from basics to programming. This training is imparted to the students & adult blind.
Vocational Training: We conduct camps for the adult blind in various vocational trades – paper bags, candles, chalk recanting etc.


Multi Handicapped Project: This project was introduced from June 2004. It deals with visually impaired children along with other disabilities. These students are taken care by specialized teachers who visit their homes & familiarize parents in dealing with the disabled children.
Picnic & Festivals: At NAB, we have regular outings for our children & organize picnics, study tours, besides celebrating different festivals.

List of the Committee Member 2023-2027

Born                    : 1946
Telphone No.     : 9822100498
Academics         : B.Sc in Agriculture
Profession         : Horticulturist
Experience         : Horticulture Business Since 1974 as Director
                            : Mr. farmer (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                            : State award Received for Social Work in
                            : Member of Rotary Club, Mapusa
                            : Member of NAB Since 1993

Mr. Joseph Noronha PRESIDENT
Born                    : 1955
Telphone No.     : 8378993205
Academics         : PGDM, XLRI, Jamshedpur
Experience         : Retired Executive Vice President – HR
                            : Member of NAB Since 2015

Born                    : 1946
Telphone No.     : 9822125188
Academics         : B.A. , B.Ed.
Profession         : Teacher in school for 6 years
Experience         : Executive Director of Women’s Cooperative Bank
                            : Teacher for 6years
                            : Member of NAB since 1992

Mrs. Gaurapriya Pai Kane SR. VICE PRESIDENT
Telphone No.     : 9371005793
Academics         : BSC, Microbiology
Profession         : Cofounder Pai Kane Group Head
                            : Agro Business of Pai Kane Group Head
                            : CSR activity of Pai Kane Group Trustee
                            : Devidas Pai Kane Health & Education Trust
Experience         : Member of NAB since1999

Mrs. Lorraine D'Souza VICE PRESIDENT
Telphone No.     : 8805027275
Experience         : Worked as Admin Manager at Exxonmobile Mumbai
                            : Member of NAB since 2007

Mrs. Poornima Priyolkar VICE PRESIDENT
Born                    : 1958
Telphone No.     : 9850687964
Profession         : Teacher of English & Maths
Experience         : In charge of the Elementary Section
                            : Member of NAB since 2014

Born                    : 1984
Telphone No.     : 9970620111
Academics         : Bachelor's in Music | Goa College of Music | 2005.
                              Master Trainer Course to teach computers to persons with
                              visual impairment | Enable India, Bangalore-Karnataka | 2006.
                              Parangat | Kala Academy, Goa | 2008.
Profession         : Secretary, Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with
                              Disabilities, Government of Goa.
Experience         : Secretary | Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities,
                              Govt. of Goa | May 2022 – Present. - Deputy Director, Admin/In-Charge,
                              Special Cell for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities |
                              Directorate of Social Welfare, Govt. of Goa

Mr. Richard Pinto SECRETARY
Telphone No.     : 9822127222
Academics         : BA,LLB, MBA, Law Degree (Professional) in Salgaoncar College of Law,
                              & Diploma in Business Management
Profession         : Consultant in Labour Management, Cidade De Goa
Experience         : Businesses. 2 Hotels, 2 in Calangute & 1 in Dona Paula .
                              Manufacturing unit of Frozen Foods & with a Labour Lawyer
                              Consultant in Labour Management.
                            : Member of NAB Since 2008

Mr. Deepak Prabhudesai TREASURER
Born                    : 1952
Telphone No.     : 9326101326 / 9511776765
Academics         : B.Tech (Mech), IIT, Kanpur
Profession         : Proprietor, Devcon Developers & Contractors
Experience         : L&T; Dodsal Pvt Ltd , Alfaraj, Devcon
                            : Member of NAB Since 2013

Mr. R. Ashok Jt. TREASURER
Born                    : 1954
Telphone No.     : 9822102413
Profession         : Marine Export since 1978
Experience         : Member of NAB since 2017

Born                    : 1991
Telphone No.     : 9637888769
Academics         : MA in Sociology, Diploma in Computer Application for Visually Impaired with Jaws & NVDA
Profession         : LDC at GMC
Experience         : Best Disable employee award in 2018 by social welfare Department Govt. of Goa.
                              Best Teacher Award in 2017 by NAB
                            : Member of NAB since 2022

Mrs. Swati Shirodkar EXECUTIVE MEMBER
Experience         : Member of NAB since 2023

Telphone No.     : 8805422301
Academics         : B.A, M. A. (English Literature)
                              Diploma in Education and Child Psychology.
Profession         : Asst. Professor govt. Polytechnic, Kala Academy,
                              Social Worker GSCPR Member
Experience         : Since the past 32 years actively involved in the social field for:
                              1) The Rights of women and children
                              2) working towards an inclusive society for Differently abled members of society.
                              3) Member - of Goa State Commission for Protection of Child’s Right.
                              4) Secretary - of Red Swastik Goa, an organisation that works in the service of Humanity.
                              5) Worked as Assistant Professor at Kala Academy’s Bachelor of Performing Arts and Theatre
                                 Sridoro Caculo College of Commerce and Management studies
                                 International Academy of English studies Cambridge.
                            : Member of NAB since 2023

Mrs. Saraswathy Sardar EXECUTIVE MEMBER
Born                    : 1966
Telphone No.     : 9970939278
Academics         : B.A., B.Ed. Sanskrit Speaking Course conducted by Sanskrit Bharati
Profession         : Teacher,Sharada Mandir School, Miramar,Goa since 1994
Experience         : Trustee at Hamara School-an NGO based in Panaji
                            : Member of NAB since 2023